Josué José da Silva

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The complex polyploid genomes of three Saccharum species have been aligned with the compact diploid genome of Sorghum (2n = 2x = 20). A set of 428 DNA probes from different Poaceae (grasses) detected 2460 loci in F1 progeny of the crosses Saccharum officinarum Green German x S. spontaneum IND 81-146, and S. spontaneum PIN 84-1 x S. officinarum Muntok Java.(More)
A novel rat chemokine, termed ST38, was identified through its upregulation in ischemic brain tissue using a biased differential display technique targeting mRNAs with regulatory AUUUA-motifs typically found in transcripts of cytokine and immediate early genes. ST38 transcripts were transiently induced in ischemic cortex between 4 and 24 h after middle(More)
We designed a primer pair (BtubNomF/BtubNomR) specifically for amplifying Aspergillus nomius DNA. In vitro assays confirmed BtubNomF/BtubNomR specificity, corroborating its usefulness in detecting and identifying A. nomius. We then investigated the occurrence of A. nomius in floral visitors of Bertholletia excelsa trees by means of PCR, and A. nomius was(More)
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