Jostein Paulsen

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This survey treats the problem of ruin in a risk model when assets earn investment income. In addition to a general presentation of the problem, topics covered are a presentation of the relevant integro-differential equations, exact and numerical solutions, asymptotic results, bounds on the ruin probability and also the possibility of minimizing the ruin(More)
In the talk we will address the problem of finding an optimal dividend policy for a class of jump-diffusion processes. The jump component is a compound Poisson process with negative jumps, and the drift and diffusion components are assumed to satisfy some regularity and growth restrictions. With each dividend payment there is associated a fixed and a(More)
Non-life insurance payouts consist of two factors: claimsizes and claim frequency. When calculating e.g. next years premium, it is vital to correctly model these factors and to estimate the unknown parameters. A standard way is to separately estimate in the claimsize and the claim frequency models. Often there is a deductible with each single claim, and(More)
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