Joss Ives

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Using a low-energy brief-pulse stimulus, the threshold number-of-pulses required to produce a bilaterally manifested tonic-clonic seizure with unilateral and bilateral electrode placement was investigated. Unilateral placement required significantly fewer pulses; bilateral placement resulted in greater post-ictal confusion with no apparent advantage in(More)
Many insects are known to use the terrestrial visual panorama for navigation. Research suggests that large-scale panoramic properties are often used for orientation rather than individual objects, usually called landmarks. We degraded the natural panorama encountered by Australian red honey ants, Melophorus bagoti, to test how robust their orientation based(More)
There is renewed interest in the clinical pharmacology of phenelzine sulfate and other monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors. Newer clinical and analytic techniques recently have been applied to investigations of this class of drugs in man. The results show that drugs such as phenelzine are effective in nonendogenous depression and phobic disorders. Clinical(More)
In a double-blind, controlled experiment, 62 outpatients with symptoms of depression with anxiety were selected for treatment with phenelzine sulfate, 60 mg daily, phenelzine sulfate, 30 mg daily, or placebo for six weeks. Forty-nine patients (79%) completed the experiment. Phenelzine sulfate, 60 mg daily, was significantly more effective than placebo in(More)
Although ECT as the treatment of choice for psychotic depression has been in use for many years, little is known about the neocortical residual of such treatments inferred from behavioral measures. The major portion of the literature has been concerned with inferred or observed changes in affective state. The present study compared pre- and posttreatment(More)
18 patients aged 3-75 years with cranial arterial aneuryms have been treated by transarterial insertion of Guglielmi Detachable Coils (GDC). 11 patients had previously bled and 9 pts had previous craniotomy for the same aneurysm. 22 technically successful procedures were performed in 17 aneurysms (16 patients). Subsequent repacking was performed 8 times (5(More)
This study compares a low-energy brief-pulse stimulus (LEBS) with a conventional a-c sine wave stimulus in terms of electrical paramenters, efficiency in producing seizures, and clinical outcome on a variety of standard behavioral measures. The results show the LEBS to require equal voltage, less current, and only one-half the total energy to produce(More)
We present the results of a direct comparison of pheneizine sulfate and amitriptyline hydrochloride therapy in 105 depressed patients. We believe this is the first definitive double-blind controlled clinical trial of a monoamine oxidase inhibitor and a tricyclic antidepressant in the outpatient setting. The results show both antidepressants to be effective,(More)
Purpose Patients often report reductions in negative affect in response to biofield and touch interventions. While reasons for improvement remain unclear, current theory and evidence suggest the need to examine oxytocin as well as placebo mechanisms. We investigated changes in negative affect (NA) during an acute session of verum or touch-based healing, and(More)