Josodhir Das

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Concatenated sequences are suggested and developed for use in spread spectrum (SS) systems. Special receiver realization is discussed and it is shown that the concatenated sequences offer great advantage in reducing the size of the matched filter correlators (MFC) in the SS receiver. Experimental systems have been built using concatenated sequences and(More)
This work studies on the impact of avalanche on vegetation. For this study the data used was Thermal Infrared scanner Landsat Thematic Mapper and Operational Land Imager sensor. The collected data is of summer months with acquisition dates 16 September 2009 and 11 September 2013. Cloud free data were collected. The study area is situated near Badrinath(More)
Northwest Himalaya is one of the seismically most active regions of the world. For seismic hazard assessment, it is important to calculate the seismicity parameters for every source zones. Homogenous earthquake catalog is a basic input for seismic hazard calculation. General orthogonal regression relation is used to convert different magnitude scales into a(More)
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