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  • Josipa Kern
  • Acta medica Croatica : c̆asopis Hravatske…
  • 2014
The application of information and communication technologies (ICT) in nursing is an integral part of the educational curriculum at the university graduate level of nursing, but also part of scientific and professional meetings on nursing informatics. As part of seminars, students are obliged to choose e-health topics from their working environment, to show(More)
We studied 233 male workers employed in two brick-manufacturing plants and 149 matched control workers. The mean age of the brick workers was 35 years, with a mean duration of employment in this industry of 16 years. The prevalence of chronic respiratory symptoms as well as acute symptoms during the work shift were recorded. Lung function was measured on(More)
UNLABELLED Psoriatic arthritis (PsA) is a systemic disease and cervical spine can be affected. The data regarding cervical spondylitis are very rare and diverse in literarture. The aim of study was to assess the prevalence of cervical spine involvement in patients with PsA. Between totally 41 patients with PsA we confirmed the incidence of 68% (29 patients)(More)
AIM To define trends in age-adjusted acute myocardial infarction mortality and morbidity in women and men in the city of Zagreb, Croatia, in the period 1979-2001. METHODS Acute myocardial infarctions occurring in both men and women at ages between 25 and 74 years were analyzed by using 1979-2001 data from the Acute Myocardial Infarction Population-based(More)
The respiratory function and immunological status of workers employed in the paper recycling industry were studied. The mean age of the 101 studied workers was 41 years, and the mean duration of their exposure was 17 years. A group of 87 unexposed workers of similar age, duration of employment, and smoking history was studied for the prevalence of chronic(More)
BACKGROUND The playing of wind instruments has been associated with changes in respiratory function. STUDY OBJECTIVES To investigate the effect of playing wind instruments on lung function and respiratory symptoms. METHODS The present study included 99 wind instrument players and a group of 41 string instrument players as a control from 3 major(More)
OBJECTIVES To screen for respiratory symptoms and lung function impairment in workers occupationally exposed to tobacco dust in a tobacco-processing plant. PARTICIPANTS One hundred twenty-one tobacco workers (97 women and 24 men) were included in the study. In addition, a group of 98 control workers (73 women and 25 men) were studied. METHODS Acute and(More)
A group of 59 workers (41 men and 18 women) employed in swine confinement areas was studied to assess the presence of acute and chronic respiratory symptoms and the prevalence of abnormalities in ventilatory function. A control group of 46 (31 men and 15 women) unexposed workers was studied for the prevalence of chronic respiratory symptoms. For both male(More)
National risk factors surveys present very important tool for gathering population based health related information for policy. Croatian Adult Health Survey (CAHS) is such a tool, intended to collect population-based, representative and authoritative information on cardiovascular risk factors prevalence. The CAHS sample was designed to provide nearly(More)
A cross-sectional study of respiratory function was performed in 50 sisal textile workers in 1972. Twenty of the 50 sisal workers still employed in the sisal mill were reexamined 19 years later. At the time of the initial study there were higher prevalences of all chronic respiratory symptoms in sisal compared with control workers. By the time of the(More)