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AIM To investigate the prevalence and factors associated with the metabolic syndrome in 9 isolated populations on Adriatic islands, Croatia, and in the group of immigrants to these islands. METHODS Random samples of 100 inhabitants from each village and 101 immigrants were collected during 2002 and 2003. Bivariate and multivariate methods were used in(More)
Nanoinformatics has recently emerged to address the need of computing applications at the nano level. In this regard, the authors have participated in various initiatives to identify its concepts, foundations and challenges. While nanomaterials open up the possibility for developing new devices in many industrial and scientific areas, they also offer(More)
Over the last decades Nanotechnology has promised to advance science and technology in many areas. Within medicine, Nanomedicine promises to deliver new methods for diagnosis, prognosis and therapy. As the amount of available information is rapidly growing, new Biomedical Informatics approaches have to be developed to satisfy the increasing demand on data(More)
AIM To compare the distribution of cardiovascular disease (CVD) factors between continental and Mediterranean areas and urban and rural areas of Croatia, as well as to investigate the differences in achieving treatment goals by the general practitioners (GP) in different settings. METHODS A multicenter prospective study was performed on 2467 participants(More)
BACKGROUND This study compared the association between the 3 definitions of metabolic syndrome (MetS) suggested by the World Health Organization (WHO), National Cholesterol Education Programme (NCEP ATP III), and International Diabetes Federation (IDF), and the risk of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and shows the prevalence and characteristics of persons(More)
CONFLICT OF INTEREST NONE DECLARED The paper presents an analysis of how EFMI disseminates new knowledge and of the active medical informatics journals in EFMI member countries, which was carried out as an outcome of the EFMI Council meetings in London in 2008, Sarajevo in 2009 and Antalya in 2009 . The analysis identifies eight active major informatics(More)
  • Iva Alajbeg, Marko Banić, Nikolina Bašić Jukić, Iva Dekaris, Marko Duvnjak, Josip Djelmiš +40 others
  • 2016
Tiska se u 500 primjeraka − Printed in 500 copies Tiskanje časopisa potpomognuto je fi nancijskim sredstvima Ministarstva znanosti, obrazovanja i športa Republike Hrvatske.
AIM To evaluate the primary health care information system from the general practitioner's (GP) point of view. METHODS Sixty-seven Croatian GPs were distributed a questionnaire about characteristics of the GP's office, overall impression of the application, handling of daily routine information, more sophisticated information needs, and data security, and(More)
AIM To investigate the association between environmental factors (perceived availability of marijuana, perceived use among friends and siblings, use of alcohol and tobacco, family structure, parental control, school performance) and lifetime prevalence and frequent and early marijuana use in high school students. METHODS We used self-reported data from(More)