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The paper presents the design and validation of a three-segment human body model. The model is aimed at the reconstruction of motion trajectories of the shank, thigh and HAT (Head-Arms-Trunk) segments in sit-to-stand-motion using low cost inertial sensors. For this purpose the Extended Kalman filter is applied for fusion of model data and data acquired(More)
The paper deals with some important aspects of continuous systems modelling education. Namely the traditional approach is based on block oriented schemes in which causal relations play an important role. However this causality is artificially generated in order to fulfil appropriate conditions for simulation on conventional sequential computers. Fortunately(More)
While uncalibrated image based visual servoing is traditionally used in robotics, in the paper we propose its application on the problem of automatic control of balancing beam with two thrusters, one at each end. Classical approach to the problem is application of PID regulator or LQR (linear quadratic regulator). Our proposal has several important(More)
The paper demonstrates the feasibility of using mobile phones for fitness and rehabilitation purposes by training them to recognise a user's hula-hooping movements. It also proposes several parameters which can be used as a measure of rhythmic movement quality. Experimental measurements were achieved with two test subjects performing two sets of steady(More)
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