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Settling down the software architecture for embedded system is a complex and time consuming task. Specific concerns that are generally issued from implementation details must be captured in the software architecture and assessed to ensure system correctness. The matter is further complicated by the inherent complexity and heterogeneity of the targeted(More)
Web applications are one of today's fastest growing software systems. Structurally, they are composed of two parts: the server side, used for data access and business logic, and the client side, used as a user interface. In recent years, with developers building complex interfaces, the client side is playing an increasingly important role. Unfortunately,(More)
Client-side web applications are highly-dynamic event-driven GUI applications where the majority of code is executed as a response to user-generated events. Many software engineering activities (e.g. testing) require sequences of actions (i.e. usage scenarios) that execute the application code with high coverage. Specifying these usage scenarios is a(More)
Highly interactive web applications that offer user experience and responsiveness of standard desktop applications are becoming prevalent in the web application domain. However, with these benefits come certain drawbacks. For example, the event-based architectural style, and poor support for code organization, often lead to a situation where code(More)
  • Josip Maras
  • 2011 33rd International Conference on Software…
  • 2011
Highly interactive web applications that offer user experience and responsiveness of desktop applications are becoming increasingly popular. They are often composed out of visually distinctive user-interface (UI) elements that encapsulate a certain behavior - the so called UI controls. Similar controls are often used in a large number of web pages, and(More)
Phagocytic activity of leukocytes in blood was examined in 70 patients with diabetes mellitus. 40 of them had insulin-dependent diabetes--(IDDM) or type I, while there were 30 patients with noninsulin-dependent diabetes (NIDDM) or type II. Phagocytic activity of leukocytes was determined by quantitative method of ingestion, on the principle of quantifying(More)
This paper presents phpModeler, a tool for reverse engineering of legacy php web applications that generates static UML diagrams showing resources which the current web page is using, its functions and dependencies it has on other web pages. Once the models describing individual web pages have been generated, phpModeler can analyze them and generate(More)