Josip Lukenda

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Although transradial access (TRA) for coronary procedures has many advantages over the transfemoral approach, it's still not the dominant route used in coronary interventions. Radial artery spasm (RAS) is an important limitation of TRA. We performed a search of published literature to estimate the prevalence and possible risk factors of RAS in patients(More)
OBJECTIVES Despite the extensive amount of published literature upon burning symptoms in patients with clinically healthy appearance of the oral mucosa, as well as burning mouth syndrome (BMS) itself, they both remain still challenging topics. The aim of this study was to determine the real prevalence of "true" BMS in comparison to other patients with(More)
AIM To determine the number of publications on cardiovascular diseases in the MEDLINE database, the rate of medical doctors and clinical interventions in cardiology, and health and socioeconomic indicators for Croatia, and to compare them with those for Slovenia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Austria. METHODS PubMed was used in search for publications(More)
Aim: to identify the influence of the 1991-1995 war on Croatian biomedical publications with reference to the Croatian universities and medical centers in Zagreb, Split, Rijeka and Osijek and their regions.  Methods: Internet provider PubMed was used to search MEDLINE database in the pre-war (1988-1990), war (1991-1995) and post-war (1996-2000) periods.(More)
Tobacco is the largest cause of morbidity and mortality. The aim of this study is to analyse several health and economically related indicators of tobacco consumption: smoking prevalence, standardized death rates (SDRs) from lung cancer and the proportion of GDP spent on tobacco in Croatia and other transitional countries--the Czech Republic, Slovakia,(More)
Approximately 30% of all acute inferior myocardial infarctions (AIMI) are accompanied by acute right ventricular infarction (ARVI) as a consequence of proximal right coronary artery (RCA) occlusion. Fifty per cent of all patients with ARVI manifest hypotension, jugular venous distension, and dyspnoea with clear lung fields, which is then considered as(More)
Transradial approach has been used in invasive cardiology since 1989 and since 1995 for PCI. Croatia is late in using this technique for about one whole decade. The advantage of transradial approach over femoral approach are serious local complications of (2.6-2.8%), more frequent with modem therapy (7.4%), occasionally requiring surgical repair (2.4%).(More)
The word stent appears in the Index Medicus as of 1952, while in Croatian articles as of 1993. The origin of the word has been attributed to British dentist Charles. T. Stent (1807-1885), maker of the compound for dental impressions (Stent's compound). Viennese surgeon, Johannes F. S. Esser (1877-1946) used the compound in plastic surgery of the face(More)
The concentration levels of salivary calcium, magnesium and zinc can vary in different localized oral, as well as systemic diseases and conditions. So far changes in the concentration levels of specific electrolytes in stimulated parotid saliva in HIV-positive/AIDS patients have been proven. The objective of this research was not only to study the(More)
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