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The aim of this study was to examine the prevalence of dysmenorrhea in female adolescents and the influence of anthropological characteristics and lifestyle factors on menstrual pain. Two hundred and ninety seven girls from several elementary and secondary schools were interviewed about the presence of the menstrual pain, their age, height and weight,(More)
The aim of the present study was to determine the differences in epidemiological and clinical manifestations of breast cancer during the war in Croatia and in peacetime. 660 consecutive patients were recorded (656 female and 4 male patients) from Pozesko-Slavonska County. The changes in histopathological features were recorded in war period (1991-1995, 156(More)
AIM Emphasizing circumstances that determine increasingly popular surgical approach of breast conserving surgery (BCS), used in lower grade breast tumors, while maintaining survival that is found when more radical procedures are used. PATIENTS AND METHODS Several leading oncological protocols in the world are compared, using PubMed database, and our own(More)
The aim of this study was to determine the differences in epidemiological and clinical manifestations of breast cancer in time of war in Croatia and in peacetime before and after the war, in the defined population of Pozesko-Slavonska County. The methods used in this study were the evaluation of relative predictive value of variables by means of chi 2-test(More)
The total number of 542 patients with colorectal cancer surgery have been analyzed in order to estimate the effect of receiving transfusion local recurrences, and the disease free - survival. It should be examined whether there are changes in general immunity indicators which would be connected with perioperative transfusion. A significant connection has(More)
PURPOSE To assess differences between patients with breast cancer before, during and after the 1991-1995 war in Croatia. MATERIAL AND METHODS We analyzed 660 patients of Pozesko-Slavonska County, during the three periods. Relative predictive values of patient's characteristics and stage of tumor were assessed using the X2-test, and survival with(More)
Radial scar is a confusing lesion of the breast which represent a premalignant lesion. It looks like a tubular carcinoma but histologically we can see two rows of cells in tubules. Mammographically there are some typical but not specific signs: (1) the presence of the central radiolucency, (2) the presence of radial long thin spicules, (3) varying(More)
Clinical characteristics of unilateral multicentric breast cancer (UMBC) were explored depending on aggressiveness, survival rate, disease-free period and local recurrence. The study included 296 women with breast cancer, surgically treated between 1990 and 2001. UMBC was histologically proved in 29 (9.8%) patients. Multicentricity was defined by following(More)
Chorangioma of the placenta is a rare tumor with a frequency of about 1%, which usually presents as a solitary nodule or, less frequently, as multiple nodules. It is found on the fetal surface of the placenta or in placental parenchyma. Most chorangiomas are small and possess no clinical significance. On the contrary, clinically significant chorangiomas,(More)
PURPOSE In spite of the general consensus on the issue, to point to major dilemmas which appear in this matter of multidisciplinary interest, and to review current concepts on how to achieve optimal diagnostic and therapeutic outcome. RESULTS Recent literature data show that the rate of gestational breast cancer, according to most protocols, range from(More)
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