Josip Babin

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The efficacy of specially programmed physical and health education on the motor development of first-grade pupils was analyzed in a sample of 633 children aged 7 years. Pupils have been divided into control group consisting of 140 boys and 137 girls attending standard program of physical and health education, and in experimental group consisting of 184 boys(More)
A sample of 114 male pupils from elementary schools in Split aged 11 to 12 years was divided into experimental (N=58) and a control group (N=56) with the aim of determining the differences between differently treated groups considering patterns of instruction used in physical education lessons. The conducted experimental model included participation of(More)
In order to identify biomotor systems that determine performance of competitive gymnastics elements in elementary school female sixth-graders, factor structures of morphological characteristics and basic motor abilities were determined first, followed by relations of the morphological-motor system factors obtained with a set of criterion variables(More)
The High Risk Adolescent Trauma Prevention Program is situated in a teaching hospital setting, where adolescents who are considered to be high risk-takers tour a shock trauma unit. Results from a pretest-posttest longitudinal evaluation design with 351 adolescent participants indicated marked changes in participants attitudes toward driving after drinking,(More)
The research was conducted with the aim to determine the relationship between morphological characteristics and motor knowledge of representative teaching materials of the official curriculum for Physical education for fifth grade female pupils in elementary school. In concordance with the stated, 16 anthropological measures for the evaluation of(More)
The aim of the study was to analyze integration of aerobic power into other dimensions evaluated. For this purpose, predictor relations of the morphological-motor variables were analyzed with a 3-minute run as a criterion (according to school grade and sex). Four morphological and 6 motor variables covering the morphological-motor system were used in a(More)
  • ODGOJNE ZNANOSTI, učenja i poučavanja, +25 authors Naputak suradnicima
  • 2008
Learning and instruction can be approached from different theoretical positions. So far, learning has been the subject of research in psychology as a scientific discipline (psychology of learning). Teaching is the best known institutionally organised form of instruction. Different types of teaching, its quality, or the effectiveness of teaching have always(More)
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