Josilainne Marcelino Dias

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[Purpose] The aim of the present study was described the kinematic characteristics of gait in stroke patients with two different arteries involved. [Subjects and Methods] Two patients who had suffered a basilar (A) or middle (B) cerebral artery ischemic stroke were compared with a control (C). Seventeen inertial sensors were used with acquisition rate of(More)
Flexibility is a key component of physical fitness. It has been suggested that measures of physical fitness components may vary throughout the day. The aim of this study was to analyse the effects of the time of day on flexibility performance. 26 men (mean age=25.4 years, SD=2.5) were evaluated by hip flexion on kinematic analysis and also by an absolute(More)
Soccer matches consist of a variety of different activities, including repeated sprints. Time to attain velocity (TTAV), load range (LR) and the torque-angle-velocity relationship (TAV3D) represent an important measurement of muscle performance, however there are few related studies. The aim of this study was to compare these outcomes between soccer players(More)
The aim of this study was to verify the reliability of the kinetic parameters of gait using an underwater force platform. A total of 49 healthy participants with a median age of 21years were included. The kinetic gait data were collected using a 0.6×0.6×0.1m aquatic force plate (Bertec®), set in a pool (15×13×1.30m) with a water depth of 1.20m and water(More)
INTRODUCTION The aims of this study were to determine the motor unit behavior of the erector spinae muscles and to assess whether differences exist between the dominant/nondominant sides of the back muscles. METHODS Nine healthy women, aged 21.7 years (SD = 0.7), performed a back extension test. Surface electromyographic decomposition data were collected(More)
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