Josie E. Thompson

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Concern regarding adequate faculty preparation has been an issue in nursing for many years. Because of the small number of nurses with educational preparation, expert clinicians rather than educators increasingly have filled faculty positions. Although the clinical expertise of this faculty is extremely valuable, they lack critical educational skills. This(More)
OBJECTIVE A train-the-trainer intervention was evaluated in which village leaders in Malawi, Africa, taught other villagers how to improve their health. DESIGN Health knowledge and reported health practices were compared before and after the educational intervention in 15 villages in Chimutu, Malawi, Africa. SETTING Surveys were completed by trained(More)
Since fishery management regulations have shifted much of the groundfish trawl effort in the northeastern Pacific from the continental shelf to the slope, fishery impacts on unassessed demersal slope rockfish species like the aurora rockfish (Sebastes aurora) may have increased. Understanding the life history of these species is a critical first step in(More)
OBJECTIVE Whether oral lesions were associated with human immunodeficiency virus-type 1 (HIV-1) status in a cohort of pregnant Malawian women was studied. STUDY DESIGN Six hundred thirty-eight women participated in a randomized prospective study at 3 prenatal clinics in a rural area of southern Malawi. Oral examinations, followed by collection of oral(More)