Josianne da Costa Rodrigues-Krause

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To investigate the effect of 16 weeks of aerobic training performed at two different intensities on nitric oxide (tNOx) availability and iNOS/nNOS expression, oxidative stress (OS) and inflammation(More)
Farinha, JB, Macedo, CEO, Rodrigues-Krause, J, Krüger, RL, Boeno, FP, Macedo, RCO, Queiroz, JN, Teixeira, BC, and Reischak-Oliveira, A. Effects of two combined exercise designs associated with(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Vascular disease is the principal cause of death and disability in patients with diabetes, and endothelial dysfunction seems to be the major cause in its pathogenesis. Since(More)
Ballet stage performances are associated with higher cardiorespiratory demand than rehearsals and classes. Hence, new interest is emerging to create periodized training that enhances dancers' fitness(More)
eHSP72 (extracellular heat-shock protein 72) is increased in the plasma of both types of diabetes and is positively correlated with inflammatory markers. Since aging is associated with a low-grade(More)