Josiane M. M. de Mello

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In the present study morphological changes occurring in the neuromuscular junctions (NMJ) of the extensor digitorum longus (EDL) and soleus muscles from albino rats (Rattus norvegicus) submitted to experimental chronic alcoholism were evaluated. Seventy two male animals aged 4 months and weighing on average 400g were divided into three groups: control,(More)
One of the major problems in effluent treatment plants of the cellulose and paper industry is the large amount of residual sludge generated. Therefore, this industry is trying to develop new methods to treat such residues and to use them as new products, such as adsorbents. In this regard, the objective of this work was to develop an adsorbent using the raw(More)
This paper presents the water source diagram (WSD) procedure for the minimization of the quantity of water required in a batch process for a specific industrial case. The study of this case was carried out for four different scenarios with the following constraints: fixed outlet stream concentration without reusable water storage, fixed inlet water quantity(More)
Eugenol is natural oil that has excellent antibacterial properties but cannot be used to fabricate many products that require thermal processing. One possible alternative to the use of the eugenol molecules in high-temperature processes is the encapsulation of these molecules in a structure that is not toxic and is resistant to thermal treatment. This work(More)
This paper described the architecture of the dog aortic arterial wall focused in the ascendant; thoracic descendent, and abdominal parts of the aorta. Furthermore, in this study we analyzed the wall structure of the right external iliac artery and the left vertebral artery of dog aiming to compare their architectural patterns with the aortic wall mainly in(More)
This paper examines the politics and practices of drug evaluation in Brazil. It traces the history of AIDS activists' influence on the organization of modern clinical trials and their scientific rationale. Using the Merck indinavir trial as a case study, the authors discuss how organized civil society has developed strategies to intervene in the course of(More)
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