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This paper is devoted to fair optimization in Multiobjective Markov Decision Processes (MOMDPs). A MOMDP is an extension of the MDP model for planning under uncertainty while trying to optimize several reward functions simultaneously. This applies to multiagent problems when rewards define individual utility functions, or in multicriteria problems when(More)
The UT Austin Villa team, from the University of Texas at Austin, won the 2015 RoboCup 3D Simulation League, winning all 19 games that the team played. During the course of the competition the team scored 87 goals and conceded only 1. Additionally the team won the RoboCup 3D Simulation League technical challenge by winning each of a series of three league(More)
In recent years, the automotive industry has been rapidly advancing toward connected vehicles with higher degrees of autonomous capabilities. This trend opens up many new possibilities for AI-based efficient traffic management. This paper investigates traffic optimization through the setting and broadcasting of dynamic and adaptive tolls under the(More)
Acknowledgments Many thanks to my advisor Peter Stone for many years of support and encouragement throughout the PhD process. In particular, I remember a dark time when I was directionless and depressed about the prospect of finding fruitful research directions or ever graduating. You told me that all PhDs go through a period where they are lost in the(More)
In 2016, UT Austin Villa claimed the Standard Platform League’s second place position at the RoboCup International Robot Soccer Competition in Leipzig, Germany as well as first place at both the RoboCup US Open in Brunswick, USA and the World RoboCup Conference in Beijing, China. This paper describes some of the key contributions that led to the team’s(More)
Dr. Kara Kockelman (Research Supervisor) with Dr. Stephen Boyles, Paul Avery, Dr. Christian Claudel, Lisa Loftus-Otway, Dr. Daniel Fagnant, Prateek Bansal, Michael W. Levin, Dr. Yong Zhao, Dr. Jun Liu, Lewis Clements, Wendy Wagner, Dr. Duncan Stewart, Dr. Guni Sharon, Dr. Michael Albert, Dr. Peter Stone, Josiah Hanna, Rahul Patel, Hagen Fritz, Tejas(More)
UT Austin Villa is a robot soccer team that has competed in the annual RoboCup soccer competitions since 2003. The team has won several championships and has inspired research contributions spanning many topics in robotics and artificial intelligence. This article summarizes some of these research contributions and provides a snapshot into the current(More)
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