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The Hole in Rhodesia's Bucket: White Emigration and the End of Settler Rule*
Racial population matters were of central importance to the fate of Rhodesia's white settler regime, and contributed greatly to the regime's ultimate collapse in 1979. The relative size andExpand
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‘A Sordid Tussle on the Strand’: Rhodesia House during the UDI Rebellion (1965–80)
Under the 1961 constitution, Rhodesia floated in a constitutional netherworld somewhere between a dominion and a colony. As Rhodesia's primary institutional link to the mother country, it was in theExpand
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The Taint of Communism: The Movement for Colonial Freedom, the Labour Party, and the Communist Party of Great Britain, 1954-70
This article examines the three-way relationship between the Labour Party, the Movement Colonial Freedom (MCF), and the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB), and describes their efforts toExpand
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The Magical Hour of Midnight: The Annual Commemorations of Rhodesia’s and Transkei’s Independence Days
Brownell’s chapter explores the symbolism and the multiple political meanings behind the official celebrations and commemorations of the Rhodesian and Transkeian regimes’ Independence Days. UnlikeExpand
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“Bloody Coxcombs, But No Bodies”: The policy and practice of crowd control in post-war British Africa, 1948–1959
This article examines British policymakers’ attempts to address the political and practical problems of crowd control in British Africa. After the Accra riots, reforming the policing of crowds becameExpand
Diplomatic Lepers: The Katangan and Rhodesian Foreign Missions in the United States and the Politics of Nonrecognition
The two struggles in the United States over the legal statuses of the Katangan and Rhodesian regimes were in essence the same fight. Though they did not overlap in time, and despite some opticalExpand
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Out of Time: Global Settlerism, Nostalgia, and the Selling of the Rhodesian Rebellion Overseas
This article looks at how the Rhodesian regime and its friends abroad used certain types of temporalising rhetoric to define and defend Rhodesia’s unilateral declaration of independence (UDI) toExpand
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The Collapse of Rhodesia: Population Demographics and the Politics of Race
In the years leading up to Rhodesia's Unilateral Declaration of Independence in 1965, its small and transient white population was balanced precariously atop a large and fast-growing AfricanExpand
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