Joshy Joseph

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During recent years, we have witnessed a major paradigm shift in distributed computing principles, with a focus towards service orientation, open standards integration, collaboration, and virtualization. One particular area of interest centers on the evolution of grid computing principles into the mainstream of distributed computing and Web services. In(More)
All organisms store the information necessary to maintain life in their DNA. Any process that damages DNA, causing a loss or corruption of that information, jeopardizes the viability of the organism. One-electron oxidation is such a process. In this Account, we address three of the central features of one-electron oxidation of DNA: (i) the migration of the(More)
One-electron oxidation of A/T-rich DNA leads to mutations at thymine. Experimental investigation of DNA containing methyl-deuterated thymine reveals a large isotope effect establishing that cleavage of this carbon-hydrogen bond is involved in the rate-determining step of the reaction. First-principles quantum calculations reveal that the radical cation(More)
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