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BACKGROUND Antimicrobial resistance in common respiratory tract pathogens is a growing public health threat, especially in the southeastern United States. The excessive use of antibiotics for common infections is a major contributing factor in the emergence of antibiotic resistance. We report results from a multi-site outpatient pilot project in North(More)
We report a congenital neurosensory retinal detachment associated with an optic nerve coloboma with subsequent spontaneous reattachment. This represents the earliest reported case of such a clinical situation. An observation period is recommended for infants with this clinical course to allow for the opportunity of spontaneous reattachment.
Background Prevalence of allergenic plants varies by geographic region and climate, which affects the level of allergen exposure experienced by patients in different parts of the country. Because of these variations in exposure it is recommended that allergy practices use customized regional diagnostic panels based on the prevalence and significance of(More)
Results Suppression of wheal responses was significant following antihistamine up to 20hr for both HPC and most allergens (15% to 70% wheal size in mm). 1mg/mL histamine appeared negative in some cases under suppression when the 6mg/mL histamine was positive. The lowered wheal size persisted in some subjects up to 72 hrs. Even though the HPC did not appear(More)
We present a patient with a refractive error of -3.00 -0.25x150 in the right eye and -3.50 -1.50x170 in the left eye who experienced bungee-cord-related corneal lacerations in the left eye. Slitlamp examination revealed a large radial corneal laceration in the vertical meridian and several smaller lacerations in the periphery. Corneal topography showed more(More)
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