Joshua Westlake

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The classic variance components for simple polygenic traits - additive, dominance, and environmental variance - have traditionally been estimated from sample covariances between first-degree relatives. If data is gathered on pedigrees, this statistical procedure wastes information. Recently Elston & Stewart suggested an alternative likelihood procedure that(More)
Jets of water ice from surface fractures near the south pole 1 of Saturn's icy moon Enceladus produce a plume of gas and particles 2–5. The source of the jets may be a liquid water region under the ice shell—as suggested most recently by the discovery of salts in E-ring particles derived from the plume 6 —or warm ice that is heated, causing dissociation of(More)
Titan's lower atmosphere has long been known to harbor organic aerosols (tholins) presumed to have been formed from simple molecules, such as methane and nitrogen (CH4 and N2). Up to now, it has been assumed that tholins were formed at altitudes of several hundred kilometers by processes as yet unobserved. Using measurements from a combination of(More)
As one of data mining tasks, sequential pattern mining provides valuable information about frequent patterns of users over time. For instance, frequent sequential patterns can be applicable to analyze user clickstreams for determination of web navigation patterns, genome sequences, and customer purchasing patterns. In many real-life situations, data to be(More)
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