Joshua Weinstein

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Identifying new chemotherapeutic agents and characterizing mechanisms of resistance may improve cancer treatment. The Anticancer Drug Screen of the National Cancer Institute uses 60 cell lines to identify new agents. Expression of mdr-1/P-glycoprotein was measured by quantitative PCR. Expression was detected in 39 cell lines; the highest levels were in(More)
We describe a hierarchical multiscale computational approach based on molecular dynamics simulations, free energy-based molecular docking simulations, deterministic network-based kinetic modeling, and hybrid discrete/continuum stochastic dynamics protocols to study the dimer-mediated receptor activation characteristics of the Erb family receptors,(More)
Using a recently developed multiscale simulation methodology, we describe the equilibrium behaviour of bilayer membranes under the influence of curvature-inducing proteins using a linearized elastic free energy model. In particular, we describe how the cooperativity associated with a multitude of protein-membrane interactions and protein diffusion on a(More)
Treatment of acid addition salts of aminoglycoside-aminocyclitol antibiotics of the gentamicin-sisomicin class, with one equivalent of triethylamine and an acylating agent results in selective formation of 1-N-acyl derivatives. This is in contrast to acylation of the antibiotic free bases which results in preferential acylation of other basic centres in the(More)