Joshua Tyler

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BACKGROUND Robotic-assisted surgery has become increasingly common; however, it is unclear if its use for colectomy improves in-hospital outcomes compared with the laparoscopic approach. OBJECTIVE The aim of the study is to compare in-hospital outcomes and costs between patients undergoing robotic or laparoscopic colectomy. DESIGN This study is a(More)
Overview Most Smart Homes are created evolutionarily by adding more and more technologies to an existing home, rather than being developed on a single occasion by building a new home from scratch. This incremental addition of technology requires a highly flexible infrastructure to accommodate both future extensions and legacy systems without requiring(More)
INTRODUCTION Although hospital variation in costs and outcomes has been described for patients undergoing operation, the relationship between them is unknown. The purpose of this study was to evaluate this relationship among patients undergoing colon resection for cancer and identify characteristics of "high-quality, low-cost" hospitals. METHODS We(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Routine pretreatment breast magnetic resonance imaging in newly diagnosed cancer patients remains controversial. We assess MRI accuracy and influence on mastectomy decisions after institution of standardized pretreatment MRI. METHODS A prospectively collected database of 74 consecutive new invasive breast cancer patients with(More)
OBJECTIVE Hundreds of general surgeons from the army, navy, and air force have been deployed during the past 10 years to support combat forces, but little data exist on their preparedness to handle the challenging injuries that they are currently encountering. Our objective was to assess operative and operational experience in theater with the goal of(More)
BACKGROUND Patients requiring an ileostomy following colorectal surgery are at risk for increased health-care utilization after discharge. Prior studies evaluating postoperative ileostomy care may underestimate health-care utilization by reporting only "same-institution" readmission rates. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to determine the rates of(More)
BACKGROUND Since 2001, US military surgeons have deployed frequently, with many surgeons deploying within 1 year of graduating residency. The purpose of this study was to evaluate readiness of recent graduates to manage combat-related injuries and to make recommendations for improvements in training military surgeons. STUDY DESIGN We reviewed casualties(More)
SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS FOR RAPID INTEGRATION AND EVOLUTION The ability to continually integrate new technologies and handle failures in a noncatastrophic manner is be essential to smart homes and related ubiquitous computing environments. Our experience working in the Stanford iRoom enables us to identify four important requirements for a software(More)
With a cell phone camera a person can take pictures and immediately transmit them to larger repositories using telecommunication channels. This provides the potential for anywhere, anytime picture sharing and story telling. It can also increase awareness among peers within a social network. But while we enjoy telling stories around this informal content,(More)
Postoperative abdominal adhesions are a significant cause of morbidity and expenditure of healthcare resources. As a result, numerous substances have been studied in an effort to reduce the incidence of adhesive disease. Seprafilm, a hyaluronate-based bioresorbable membrane, has been the subject of considerable research and has been found to be both safe(More)