Joshua T Honaker

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Without an intact anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) to resist anterior tibial translation, it is commonly believed that ACL-deficient patients employ alterations in walking. Although there is no consensus in the literature about the specific kinematic and kinetic adaptations in these patients with ACL tears, the gait adaptation of quadriceps avoidance is(More)
This study examined the feasibility of orthopedic surgeons performing sonography of the shoulder at the initial office evaluation of the rotator cuff and assessed the sensitivity, specificity, and predictive value of sonography for the detection of tears in the rotator cuff. Initial results in 24 patients suggest that sonography by the orthopedic surgeon is(More)
OBJECTIVE Prescription opioid abuse poses a significant public health concern. House Bill 1 (HB1) was enacted in 2012 to address prescription drug abuse in Kentucky. The authors investigated the impact of HB1 on primary care providers' (PCPs) prescribing practices of Schedule II controlled substances. DESIGN Retrospective evaluation of PCPs' prescribing(More)
Pediatric primary care providers increasingly are expected to evaluate and manage child mental health conditions.1 To do so effectively, it is important for pediatric providers to develop their knowledge and skills in this area.2 Aggression is one of the most common problems facing child clinicians, and many interventions have been shown to be effective for(More)
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