Joshua Schpok

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Modeling and animating complex volumetric natural phenomena, such as clouds, is a difficult task. Most systems are difficult to use, require adjustment of numerous, complex parameters, and are non-interactive. Therefore, we have developed an intuitive, interactive system to artistically model, animate, and render visually convincing volumetric clouds using(More)
We present a method to extract elevated road structures, typically overpassing other roads, transit lines, and watercourses. The technique uses a <i>digital surface model</i> (DSM) and roughly aligned vector road data and outputs geometry approximating the shape and elevation of the elevated road deck. Our method is robust against noise in DSM elevations(More)
In modeling natural phenomena, artists often compromise the benefits of direct control for the visual realism of physics-based simulation. For gases, Eulerian simulations traditionally provide realistic results, but a poor representation for artistically shaping the media. In our system, users work with a more intuitive set of continuously extracted(More)
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