Joshua Schmidt

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We review the way in which atomic tetrahedra composed of metallic elements pack naturally into fused icosahedra. Orthorhombic, hexagonal, and cubic intermetallic crystals based on this packing are all shown to be united in having pseudo-fivefold rotational diffraction symmetry. A unified geometric model involving the 600-cell is presented: the model(More)
Recent work on a computationally-designed retroaldolase RA-61 suggested that most of the rate-acceleration brought about by this enzyme was due to non-specific interactions with the aromatic substrate. To provide a benchmark for the role of non-specific interactions in this system, we measured the second-order rate constant for the amine-catalysed(More)
We present single-crystal studies of Pd(0.213)Cd(0.787) and Pd(0.235)Cd(0.765), synchrotron powder studies of Pd(1-x)Cd(x), 0.755> or =x> or =0.800, and LDA-DFT and extended Hückel (eH) calculations on these or related phases. The two single-crystal structures have a, b, and c axis lengths of 9.9013(7), 14.0033(10), 37.063(24) and 9.9251(3), 14.0212(7),(More)
The Kemp elimination is prototypical reaction used to study proton abstraction from carbon. Several hydrophobic systems are known to accelerate this reaction, including two classes of computationally-designed enzymes. However, it is unclear whether these computationally-designed enzymes establish specific interactions with their substrates, as natural(More)
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