Joshua Schabel

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Hardware acceleration of artificial neural network (ANN) processing has potential for supporting applications benefiting from real time and low power operation, such as autonomous vehicles, robotics, recognition and data mining. Most interest in ANNs targets acceleration of deep multi-layered ANNs that can require days of offline training to converge on a(More)
With the end of Dennard scaling, three dimensional stacking has emerged as a promising integration technique to improve microprocessor performance. In this talk, we present a physical design methodology for a stacked multi-core processor. We present the fast thread migration and cache-core decoupling features enabled by 3D chip stacking. We explain the(More)
This paper describes a 3D computer architecture designed to achieve the lowest possible power consumption for “embedded applications” like radar and signal processing. It introduces several unique concepts including a low-power SIMD tile, low-power 3D memories, and 3D and 2.5D interconnect that is circuit switched so it can be tuned at run-time for a(More)
3D technologies offer significant potential to improve total performance and performance per unit of power. After exploiting TSV technologies for cost reduction and increasing memory bandwidth, the next frontier is to create sophisticated logic on logic solutions that promise further increases in performance/power beyond those attributable to memory(More)
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