Joshua Savage

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Speed-dependent automatic zooming couples the user’s rate of motion through an information space with the zoom level—the faster the user moves the ‘higher’ they fly above the work surface. Igarashi and Hinckley [2000] proposed using the technique to improve scrolling through large documents. Their informal preliminary evaluation showed mixed results with(More)
Speed dependent automatic zooming (SDAZ) is a promising refinement to scrolling in which documents are automatically zoomed-out as the scroll rate increases. By automatically zooming, the visual flow rate is reduced enabling rapid scrolling without motion blur. In order to aid SDAZ calibration we theoretically and empirically scrutinise human factors of the(More)
Previous studies indicate that user performance with scrolling can be improved through Speed-Dependent Automatic Zooming (SDAZ), which automatically couples the document’s zoom-level with scroll-speed. These studies have compared traditional scrolling techniques (scrollbars and rate-based scrolling) with SDAZ, leaving a potential confound that the(More)
OBJECTIVE Mitochondrial [Ca2+] ([Ca2+]m) rises in parallel with cytosolic [Ca2+] ([Ca2+]c) following ATP-depletion rigor contracture induced by hypoxia in isolated cardiomyocytes. We investigated the pathways involved in the hypoxia induced changes in [Ca2+]m by using known inhibitors of mitochondrial Ca2+ transport, namely ruthenium red, an inhibitor of(More)
Patients with myeloproliferative disorders (MPDs), such as essential thrombocythemia (ET) have increased risk of thrombosis and bleeding, which are major sources of morbidity and mortality. Most MPD patients have a gain of function mutation in Janus kinase 2 (JAK2V617F), but little is known how JAK2V617F affects platelet function. Here, we demonstrate that(More)
In this study we aimed to determine the concentration range of cyclosporin A (CsA) which was effective in protecting against reoxygenation injury in isolated cardiomyocytes, and its effects on intramitochondrial free calcium levels ([Ca2+]m). We also determined whether a high [CsA] had any deleterious effect on normal myocyte function. Isolated adult rat(More)
Speed-dependent automatic zooming (SDAZ) interfaces allow rapid navigation through large visual information spaces by automatically zooming out when the user moves quickly through the dataspace. We have implemented a variety of SDAZ interfaces that provide compelling mapbased demonstrations of the technique. In particular, our ‘globe browser’ demonstrates(More)
Platelet secretion not only drives thrombosis and hemostasis, but also mediates a variety of other physiological and pathological processes. The ubiquitous SNARE machinery and a number of accessory proteins have been implicated in regulating secretion in platelet. Although several platelet SNAREs have been identified, further members of the SNARE family may(More)