Joshua Redstone

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We describe our experience in building a fault-tolerant data-base using the Paxos consensus algorithm. Despite the existing literature in the field, building such a database proved to be non-trivial. We describe selected algorithmic and engineering problems encountered, and the solutions we found for them. Our measurements indicate that we have built a(More)
This paper presents the first analysis of operating system execution on a simultaneous multithreaded (SMT) processor. While SMT has been studied extensively over the past 6 years, previous research has focused entirely on user-mode execution. However, many of the applications most amenable to multithreading technologies spend a significant fraction of their(More)
Several manufacturers have recently announced the first simultaneous-multithreaded processors, both as single CPUs and as components of multi-CPU chips. All are small scale, comprising only two to four thread contexts. A significant impediment to the construction of larger-scale SMTs is the register file size required by a large number of contexts. This(More)
Given two or more convex sets, successive projection of normal vectors with respect to each set will find the intersection which satisfies all the constraints as shown in Figure 2. POCS assumes that the convex constraint sets intersect. If the sets share a single intersection, there exists a unique solution which satisfies all the constraints. If the(More)
An Analysis of Software Interface Issues for SMT Processors by Joshua Abram Redstone Co-Chairpersons of the Supervisory Committee: Professor Henry Levy Professor Susan Eggers Department of Computer Science and Engineering Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT) has gradually progressed from a research concept to commercial processor technology. This thesis(More)
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