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Research has shown that proteasome inhibitors (e.g., carfilzomib), immunomodulatory agents (e.g., lenalidomide), histone deacetylase inhibitors (e.g., vorinostat) and corticosteroids (e.g., dexamethasone) have synergistic anti-multiple myeloma (MM) activity. This phase I dose-escalation study evaluated a regimen combining carfilzomib, lenalidomide,(More)
Clinical trials of vorinostat, a Class I/II histone deacetylase inhibitor, in combination with proteasome inhibitors and immunomodulatory agents have shown activity in relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma. This phase IIb, open-label, single-institution study evaluated the efficacy of vorinostat in combination with lenalidomide and dexamethasone in(More)
Objectives To report the clinicopathologic features of monotypic immunoglobulin G4+ (IgG4+) lymphoid and plasmacytic proliferations. Methods Cases were identified from the pathology files. Pathology and clinical materials were reviewed. Results Eleven cases of monotypic IgG4+ proliferations were identified at nodal, orbital, or salivary sites. Six cases(More)
Renal dysfunction negatively impacts outcomes in patients with multiple myeloma (MM). Few treatment options are currently available for patients with MM and comorbid renal dysfunction, and as they are generally excluded from clinical trials, data on the use of immunomodulatory drugs in this population are scarce. In this paper, we describe a case series of(More)
BACKGROUND This is a retrospective chart review to evaluate the efficacy of the addition of vorinostat to lenalidomide and dexamethasone in patients with multiple myeloma relapsed/refractory to lenalidomide and dexamethasone. METHODS Charts from 26 consecutive patients able to obtain commercial vorinostat were analyzed for response and safety data. (More)
Introduction Multiple myeloma (MM) and other paraproteinemias may rarely cause subepithelial crystalline deposition disease in the cornea. These deposits have been shown to be immunoglobulins, usually IgG, although rare cases of other immunoglobulins have been reported. There are limited reports in the literature regarding the treatment and prognosis of(More)
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