Joshua R. Hendrickson

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We experimentally demonstrate a wideband near-perfect light absorber in the midwave IR region using a multiplexed plasmonic metal structure. The wideband near-perfect light absorber is made of two different size gold metal squares multiplexed on a thin dielectric spacing layer on top of a thick metal layer in each unit cell. We also fabricate regular(More)
The Great Moderation is often characterized by the decline in the variability of output and inflation from earlier periods. While a multitude of explanations for the Great Moderation exist, notable research has focused on the role of monetary policy. Specifically, early evidence suggested that this increased stability is the result of monetary policy that(More)
Design and simulation results are presented for an ultralow switching energy, resonator based, silicon-on-insulator (SOI) electro-optical modulator. The nanowire waveguide and Q ~8500 resonator are seamlessly integrated via a high-transmission tapered 1D photonic crystal cavity waveguide structure. A lateral p-n junction of modulation length L(m) ~λ is used(More)
Heavily doped n-type Ge and GeSn are investigated as plasmonic conductors for integration with undoped dielectrics of Si, SiGe, Ge, and GeSn in order to create a foundry-based group IV plasmonics technology. N-type Ge1-xSnx with compositions of 0 ≤ x ≤ 0.115 are investigated utilizing effective-mass theory and Drude considerations. The plasma wavelengths,(More)
We show that nearly perfect absorption can be achieved in a simple structure with highly doped silicon on a sapphire (SOS) substrate. An SOS structure with the n-Si film being 600 nm thick and having doping concentration of 2e19 cm(-3) has an absorption peak of 96% in the film at a wavelength of 12.1 μm. More generally, 95% absorption in the n-Si can be(More)
Single defects in monolayer WSe2 have been shown to be a new class of single photon emitters and have potential applications in quantum technologies. Whereas previous work relied on optical excitation of single defects in isolated WSe2 monolayers, in this work we demonstrate electrically driven single defect light emission by using both vertical and lateral(More)
New designs for electro-optical free-space and waveguided 2 x 2 switches are presented and analyzed at the 1.55 μm telecoms wavelength. The proposed devices employ a ~10 nm film of GeSe that is electrically actuated to transition the layer forth-and-back from the amorphous to the crystal phase, yielding a switch with two self-sustaining states. This phase(More)
We report the experimental fabrication and testing of a GeSn-based 320×256 image sensor focal plane array operating at -15°C in the 1.6-1.9 μm spectral range. For image readout, the 2D pixel array of Ge/GeSn/Ge p-i-n heterophotodiodes was flip-chip bonded to a customized silicon CMOS readout integrated circuit. The resulting camera chip was operated using(More)