Joshua Potter

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This paper describes a testbed for studying externally-loaded helicopter dynamics in a controlled, indoor environment. A remote-controlled helicopter is attached to a mechanical framework that limits the helicopter motion to pitch rotation and longitudinal translation. The framework allows a load suspended beneath the helicopter to swing freely. The(More)
Helicopters are often used to transport supplies and equipment to hard-to-reach areas. When a load is carried via suspension cables below a helicopter, the load oscillates in response to helicopter motion and external disturbances, such as wind. This oscillation is dangerous and adversely affects control of the helicopter, especially when carrying heavy(More)
This paper introduces a novel software framework to support automated development of paper-based microfluidic devices. Compared to existing lab-on-a-chip technologies, paper-based microfluidics differs in terms of substrate technologies and point-of-care usage across a wide variety environmental conditions. This paper addresses the contexts in which the(More)
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