Joshua Pearl

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Cerebral vasospasm is the classic cause of delayed neurological deterioration leading to cerebral ischemia and infarction, and thus, poor outcome and occasionally death, after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH). Advances in diagnosis and treatment, principally nimodipine, intensive care management, hemodynamic manipulations, and endovascular(More)
Peritoneal transport characteristics (PTC) may change without peritonitis, surgery, or other insults. Identifying patients with these changes is essential in adjusting the dialysis prescription to achieve optimal peritoneal dialysis on a long-term basis. Frequent standard peritoneal equilibration tests (PETs) become impractical as the population in(More)
Increased use of radiation therapy and increasing life spans following radiation treatment has led to an increase in the finding of post-radiation central nervous system injury in patients who have previously undergone radiation treatments. At this time, information regarding treatment for patients suffering from this serious side effect is limited and not(More)
Subcutaneous implantation of a pellet of methadone was presented as a novel method for the establishment of physical dependence upon this agent and it was compared to (1) the state of physical dependence induced by multiple injections of methadone, administered over several days, and (2) the dependence established by injections of morphine and the(More)
A 68 year old female presented for elective repair of an abdominal wall hernia. Preoperative CT imaging revealed a right inguinal hernia defect with hernia contents coursing cephalad between the external and internal abdominal oblique muscles. This was consistent with an interstitial inguinal hernia, a rare entity outside of post- traumatic hernias. At(More)
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