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This paper introduces EVOJAVA, a new tool for extracting static software metrics from a Java source code repository. For each version of a program, EVOJAVA builds a comprehensive model of the semantic features described by Java code (classes, methods, invocations, etc), and tracks the identity of these features as they evolve through sequential versions.(More)
In any country, roads are marked with signs. In particular, street signs are a type of road sign used to display the names of streets. Mobile devices such as smart phones are now powerful enough to serve as platforms for computer vision applications. These mobile devices are commonly equipped with high resolution cameras and increasingly with internal GPS(More)
BACKGROUND High-frequency electrical stimulation (HFS) of human skin induces not only an increased pain sensitivity in the conditioning area but also an increased pain sensitivity to mechanical punctate stimuli in the non-conditioned surrounding skin area. The aim of the present study was to investigate whether this heterotopically increased mechanical pain(More)
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