Joshua Obrecht

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The combinations of doxorubicin (40 mg/m2 iv every 3 weeks) and mitomycin (12 mg/m2 iv every 6 weeks) or cisplatin (80 mg/m2 iv every 3 weeks X 3, then every 6 weeks) and etoposide (80 mg/m2 iv on Days 1-3 every 3 weeks X 3, then every 6 weeks) were evaluated in a randomized phase II trial in 77 patients with measurable or evaluable non-small cell lung(More)
PURPOSE We performed a randomized phase III multicenter study to compare systemic treatment versus no treatment after complete excision and radiotherapy for isolated first locoregional recurrence in patients with breast cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS One hundred sixty-seven good-risk patients with an estrogen receptor (ER+) positive recurrence or, in case(More)
CD14 is a 53-kd glycoprotein that is mainly expressed in myeloid cells and exists in two forms. The membrane-bound form represents the receptor for complexes of lipopolysaccharide (LPS) with LPS binding protein. The function and regulation of the soluble form are unknown. In the present study we investigated the release of soluble CD14 (sCD14) in cultures(More)
Accidental subcutaneous extravasation of several antineoplastic agents may provoke skin ulcerations for which there has been no simple and effective treatment. Since January 1983 we have treated all patients in our institution sustaining extravasation by a cytotoxic drug with a combination of DMSO and alpha-Tocopherole. During the first 48 hr after(More)
Forty-eight samples of primary non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and normal tissue from the same patients were analyzed for allelic deletions on chromosome 11p. Five polymorphic loci were assessed to determine the incidence of 11p sequence deletions and to define hot-spots of deletions. Information was obtained from all patients in at least one locus. Our(More)
The 52 kD myeloid membrane glycoprotein CD14 represents the receptor for complexes of lipopolysaccharide (LPS) and LPS binding protein (LBP); it is involved in LPS induced tumor necrosis factor-alpha production. Expression of CD14 increases in monocytes differentiating into macrophages, and it is reduced by rIFNg in monocytes in vitro. In the present study(More)
In a trial of combined hormone treatment and cytotoxic chemotherapy 464 patients with advanced breast cancer were randomly allocated to either concurrent or sequential treatment. Cytotoxic drugs were given only if the antitumour activity of the hormone treatment was inadequate. Hormone treatment consisted of oophorectomy for premenopausal and tamoxifen(More)