Joshua N. Cobb

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More accurate and precise phenotyping strategies are necessary to empower high-resolution linkage mapping and genome-wide association studies and for training genomic selection models in plant improvement. Within this framework, the objective of modern phenotyping is to increase the accuracy, precision and throughput of phenotypic estimation at all levels(More)
Genotyping by sequencing (GBS) is the latest application of next-generation sequencing protocols for the purposes of discovering and genotyping SNPs in a variety of crop species and populations. Unlike other high-density genotyping technologies which have mainly been applied to general interest “reference” genomes, the low cost of GBS makes it an attractive(More)
To obtain an estimate of local recombination rate, a Gaussian kernel (Python3 scipy.ndimage.filters.gaussianfilter) was used to obtain arrays of smoothed genetic distance and smoothed physical distance for the 30,984 post-imputation, post-error correction GBS SNPs—note that the SSR data were insufficiently dense to map local recombination, so corrected Fig.(More)
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