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A Theory of Race
Social commentators have long asked whether racial categories should be conserved or eliminated from our practices, discourse, institutions, and perhaps even private thoughts. In A Theory of Race,Expand
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Racism as Disrespect*
Racism can be subtle or overt, it can be intentional or unintentional, and it can be conscious or unconscious. Actions can be racist. Policies can be racist. Arguably even whole countries can beExpand
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The Expressivist Theory of Punishment Defended
Expressivist theories of punishment received largely favorable treatment in the 1980s and 1990s. Perhaps predictably, the 2000s saw a slew of critical rejections of the view. It is now becomingExpand
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On the New Biology of Race
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Hi‐Fi Aesthetics
High-fidelity aesthetics, as I shall call it, is an intuitively plausible position.' It holds, in a nutshell, that a recording can capture what it records accurately, without distortion. This kind ofExpand
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Alienation and Responsibility
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Basic Racial Realism
ABSTRACT: In the debate over the reality of race, a three-way dispute has become entrenched: race is biologically real, socially real, or simply not real. These three theses have each enjoyedExpand
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The Ordinary Conception of Race in the United States and Its Relation to Racial Attitudes: A New Approach
Many hold that ordinary race-thinking in the USA is committed to the 'one-drop rule', that race is ordinarily represented in terms of essences, and that race is ordinarily represented as a biologicalExpand
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