Joshua M Kaye

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The degree of psychosocial distress experienced by 15 cancer patients with newly diagnosed metastatic disease and their spouses was investigated. Of interest were mean changes over the six-month interval following diagnosis, and correlations between partners at 0, 3, and 6-7 months. The Psychosocial Adjustment to Illness Scale (PAIS) and the Family(More)
Clinical research on geriatric populations requires adaptation of traditional methodologies, modification of expectations, and the development of new procedures. Some aspects of research methodology are unique to studies of geriatric populations. Experience in this relatively new area of geriatric research indicates that new partnerships between researchers(More)
BACKGROUND This study examines the long-term impact of a medical-school death education course on death-related anxiety and attitudes. METHODS A four-year longitudinal, controlled study design was used. Ninety-nine course participants and 92 controls were initially evaluated using the Collett-Lester Fear of Death Scale and a semantic differential(More)
We report three cases of severe hypocalcaemia associated with i.v. bisphosphonate treatment in patients with multiple myeloma. All patients had symptomatic hypocalcaemia, including a tonic-clonic seizure and tachyarrhythmia in one case. Two cases were associated with the development of acute renal failure, whereas the third patient had pre-existing renal(More)
This study evaluated the effect of a death-education course on the death-related anxiety and attitudes toward death of 71 medical students not yet exposed to clinical rotations and four health care professionals. The Collect-Lester Fear of Death Scale and a semantic differential technique measuring attitudes toward the dying patient and his or her family(More)
The use of hypnosis was demonstrated on a psychiatric consultation-liaison service (CLS) in a broad spectrum of medically hospitalized patients. Hypnosis was employed as an adjuvant measure to traditional medical and psychologic treatment modalities. Tapes for autohypnosis were used for reinforcement. Twenty-nine women and eight men from 24 to 75 years of(More)
This study was undertaken to evaluate hypnosis versus stress management as therapeutic modalities in the treatment of tinnitus. Participants were recruited from the local tinnitus association and the Otolaryngology Division of the Department of Surgery. The instruments were the following standardized tests (NIMH Diagnostic Int. Schedule; SCL 90R, Beck(More)
This study determined the factors influencing participation of elderly people in research. It involved subjects who signed consent for a study and those who refused consent. Consenters had significantly more positive feelings about being used as a subject; giving urine; giving blood; having a physical examination; being interviewed; taking an IQ test;(More)