Joshua L Wright

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We assessed differences in locoregional outcome based on receptor status combinations in a cohort of stage II–III breast cancer patients treated with modern trimodality therapy. Medical records of 582 consecutively treated patients receiving post-mastectomy radiation (PMRT) between 1/1999 and 12/2009 were reviewed. Rate of local regional recurrence (LRR)(More)
This study was undertaken to ascertain whether coarctation of the aorta produces permanent hemodynamic abnormalities that may persist despite resection and end-to-end anastomosis. The results of studies in 10 patients 4 to 7 years after operation are compared to those obtained before and immediately after operation. The most significant finding was(More)
Penetrating tracheal trauma, although infrequent, varies from minor to life-threatening injuries. Serious injury often results from airway compromise or significant associated esophageal or vascular trauma. Tracheal injuries resulting in a retained ballistic fragment in the airway have been infrequently reported. We report the successful treatment of a(More)
Relationships between artefacts in recorded intracardiac pulses and the dynamic response and susceptibility of catheter-manometer systems to artefacts caused by motion of the catheter were investigated. Sine-wave motions of the catheter, resembling motion frequently seen when the catheter is in the pulmonary artery, produce sine-wave pressure variations(More)
We have developed a guinea pig model of cigarette smoking induced lung disease, whereby animals exposed for several months to cigarette smoke develop emphysematous lung destruction as well as mild pulmonary hypertension with increased muscularization of the arterioles. To ascertain whether the animals with pulmonary hypertension had structural alterations(More)