Joshua L Hayes

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The potential therapeutic applications of encapsulated cells are enormous. In the US alone, it has been estimated that nearly half-a-trillion dollars are spent each year to care for patients who suffer tissue loss or dysfunction. Over 6 million patients suffer from neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease, over 14(More)
125I brachytherapy sources are being used for interstitial implants in tumor sites such as the prostate. Recently, the ADVANTAGE 125I, Model IAI-125, source became commercially available for interstitial brachytherapy treatment. Dosimetric characteristics (dose rate constant, radial dose function, and anisotropy function) of this source were experimentally(More)
Recently an improved design of a 125I brachytherapy source has been introduced for interstitial seed implants, particularly for prostate seed implants. This design improves the in situ ultrasound visualization of the source compared to the conventional seed. In this project, the TG-43 recommended dosimetric characteristics of the new brachytherapy source(More)