Joshua J. Knabb

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INTRODUCTION Mental health professionals are gatekeepers of patient confidentiality. Yet, confidentiality held too strictly, by allowing a potentially dangerous driver to assume control of a car, endangers society. Recent court cases have mandated that mental health professionals must warn those who may be potentially harmed by patients. In spite of this,(More)
In the last two decades, mindfulness has made a significant impact on Western secular psychology, as evidenced by several new treatment approaches that utilize mindfulness practices to ameliorate mental illness. Based on Buddhist teachings, mindfulness offers individuals the ability to, among other things, decenter from their thoughts and live in the(More)
Modern advancements in functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) technology have given neuroscientists the opportunity to more fully appreciate the brain's contribution to human behavior and decision making. Morality and moral reasoning are relative newcomers to the growing literature on decision neuroscience. With recent attention given to the salience(More)
Over the last few decades, a considerable amount of research has been devoted to mentally disordered offenders (MDOs), with both theoretical and empirically validated treatments permeating the literature. Due to the recent onslaught of treatment options for MDOs, a synthesis of this literature seems immediately relevant to the field of forensic psychology.(More)
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