Joshua J. Hajicek

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OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study is to determine how combinations of noise levels and reverberation typical of ranges found in current classrooms will affect speech recognition performance of typically developing children with normal speech, language, and hearing and to compare their performance with that of adults with normal hearing. Speech(More)
PURPOSE To determine the feasibility of using a virtual auditory test material to evaluate reverberation and noise effects on speech recognition of pediatric cochlear implant (CI) users and to compare their performance with that of children with normal hearing. METHOD Virtual test materials representing nonreverberant and reverberant environments were(More)
Objective test methods were developed to quantify and assess the effects of personal protection equipment on auditory situational awareness. The tests utilize a custom head and torso simulator that is able to don personal protective equipment and employs acoustics, signal processing, and measurement techniques. The tests measure localization and speech(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the antimetastatic potential of lonazolac. Intravenous inoculation of Lewis lung carcinoma (LLC) or melanoma B-16 (B-16) cells induced macroscopically detectable lung metastases on day 15 after inoculation. After pre- and post-treatment with lonazolac-Ca at oral doses of 1, 25, and 50 mg/kg, the numbers of animals(More)
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