Joshua J. Dyck

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Although many have hypothesized that neighborhoods and social context are important influences on the decision to vote, the data to study these phenomenon have often been inadequate. We examine a unique source of data, registered voter lists, from a rich variety of locations that allow us to tap into this social participation dynamic using a multilevel(More)
We investigated the immediate and lasting effect of social instability stress in adolescence [SS: daily 1h isolation and change of cage partner postnatal days (P) 30-45] on cell proliferation in the hippocampus and on spatial memory using an object spatial location (SL) test. Female rats were treated with bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU) P43-45, and on P49, SS had(More)
In mink production, silkiness refers to a silky fur surface. The sensory evaluation of silkiness may be based on information perceived by the eyes and the hands. Silkiness is assumed to depend on hair fiber properties such as guard hair straightness, glossiness, and smoothness. Our objective was to characterize the dorsal surface of brown mink pelts by(More)
The ventromedial spinal cord of mammals contains a neural network known as the locomotor central pattern generator (CPG) which underlies the basic generation and coordination of muscle activity during walking. To understand how this neural network operates, it is necessary to identify, characterize, and map connectivity among its constituent cells.(More)
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