Joshua J Carter

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Antifolates, folate analogs that inhibit vitamin B9 (folic acid)-using cellular enzymes, have been used over several decades for the treatment of cancer and inflammatory diseases. Cellular uptake of the antifolates in clinical use occurs primarily via widely expressed facilitative membrane transporters. More recently, human folate receptors (FRs), high(More)
Arterial cannulation is associated with complications including bacterial contamination, accidental intra-arterial injection and blood spillage. We performed a series of audits and experiments to gauge the potential for these, as well as assess the possible contribution of a new device, the Needle-Free Arterial Non-Injectable Connector (NIC), in reducing(More)
BACKGROUND Disconnection of the filter from its catheter is an established problem with epidural analgesia. Previously, it has been hypothesised that the screw cap connector is more prone to disconnection than the clamp connector design. The aim of this study was to test which of two mechanisms connecting the epidural catheter and filter was more prone to(More)