Joshua Hernandez

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Twenty-four Rambouillet ewe lambs (average weight=43.7+/-1.2 kg, approximately 6 months of age) were used to examine the effect of thyroid suppression before the onset of puberty on serum thyroid hormones, body weights (BW), and reproductive performance. Beginning in early September, ewe lambs were randomly assigned to three treatments (n=8(More)
Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) is commonly thought of as occurring in the sick premature infant, usually in the first one to two weeks of life. A review of NEC at the Children's Hospital of Denver over a 5-year period, found that 13 of 79 infants (16.1%) had onset of NEC during the first day of life. These infants were larger (mean birth weight 2,624 +/-(More)
The objective of this study was to investigate the role of menopause in the appearance of the physiopathological sequence that leads to chronic mountain sickness (CMS) in a high-altitude female population. The females studied are 30-54 yr old (n = 152) and have permanent residence in Cerro de Pasco (Pasco, Peru; 4,300 m). The sample was divided into(More)
Bovine somatotropin (bST) enhances ovarian follicular and embryonic development in sheep and cattle. In the present study, the objective was to assess whether bST given 5 days before the end of progestin-based estrous synchronization improves prolificacy and lambing rate in sheep. Pelibuey ewes (n=92) exhibiting estrous cycles at regular intervals received(More)
To evaluate whether cocaine administration to human volunteers in vivo increases platelet aggregation, 12 healthy male volunteers were studied twice in a prospective, double-blinded fashion. There was a decrease in aggregation following cocaine exposure compared to placebo, which was most prominent at high doses of adenosine diphosphate.
Understanding mechanisms that regulate growth and reproduction are important for improving selection strategies in cattle. In this study, Angus, Brangus, and Brahman bulls (n = 7 per breed) of similar age were selected from a group of 65 weanlings. Bulls were evaluated after weaning (i.e., approximately 6 mo of age) for 112 d for serum concentrations of(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the contribution of infants born at the threshold of viability (< 750 gm) on neonatal mortality in Colorado. STUDY DESIGN For the period of January 1991 to December 1996, all Colorado live births who expired were evaluated for gestational age, birth weight, gender, hospital level of care, age at time of death, delivery room(More)
We frame the problem of local representation of imaging data as the computation of minimal sufficient statistics that are invariant to nuisance variability induced by viewpoint and illumination. We show that, under very stringent conditions, these are related to &#x201C;feature descriptors&#x201D; commonly used in Computer Vision. Such conditions can be(More)
A 32nm SOI critical path monitor (CPM) that can provide timing measurements to a Digital PLL for dynamic frequency adjustments in the 8-core POWER7+&#8482; microprocessor is described. The CPM calibrates to within 2% of cycle time from nominal to turbo voltages. Its voltage sensitivity is 10mV/bit. It tracks processor temperature sensitivity to within 1.5%(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the impact of new treatment modalities, including high-frequency oscillatory ventilation (HFOV) and inhaled nitric oxide (INO), on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) use and outcome of neonatal patients with persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn. STUDY DESIGN We reviewed the medical records of neonatal patients(More)