Joshua Griesman

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Patient care transitions are periods of enhanced risk. Discharge summaries have been used to communicate essential information between hospital-based physicians and primary care physicians (PCPs), and may reduce rates of adverse events after discharge. To assess PCP satisfaction with an electronic discharge summary (EDS) program as compared to conventional(More)
BACKGROUND The identification of health care professionals who are incompetent, impaired, uncaring or have criminal intent has received increasing attention in recent years. These individuals are often subject to disciplinary action by professional licensing authorities. To date, no national data exist for Canadian physicians disciplined for professional(More)
PURPOSE Previous studies discussing the risk of medical misconduct amongst anesthesiologists differ in their conclusions. In Canada, there is a paucity of data regarding demographic information, disciplinary findings, and penalties received by anesthesiologists. The aim of this study was to identify potential characteristics for discipline within the(More)
Hemangioblastomas are uncommon tumors that occur mostly in the cerebellum, medulla, and spinal cord. Supratentonal hemangioblastomas are rare [i ], and hemangioblastomas of the optic nerve have, to our knowledge, been reported in only eight previous cases, all of which were unilateral [2, 3]. We report a case of bilateral optic nerve hemangioblastomas, in(More)
BACKGROUND The identification of health care professionals who are incompetent, impaired, exploitative or have criminal intent is important for public safety. It is unclear whether psychiatrists are more likely to commit medical misconduct offences than non-psychiatrists, and if the nature of these offences is different. AIM The aim of this study was to(More)
Repurposing FDA-approved drugs with the aid of gene signatures of disease can accelerate the development of new therapeutics. A major challenge to developing reliable drug predictions is heterogeneity. Different gene signatures of the same disease or drug treatment often show poor overlap across studies, as a consequence of both biological and technical(More)
BACKGROUND When the number of patients requiring hospital admission exceeds the number of available department-allotted beds, patients are often placed on a different specialty's inpatient ward, a practice known as "bedspacing". Whether bedspacing affects quality of patient care has not been previously studied. METHODS We reviewed consecutive general(More)
Drug modes of action are complex and still poorly understood. The set of known drug targets is widely acknowledged to be biased and incomplete, and so gives only limited insight into the system-wide effects of drugs. But a high-throughput assay unique to yeast-barcode-based chemogenomic screens-can measure the individual drug response of every yeast(More)
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