Joshua Gamble

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The toxicity of methanol is directly related to the accumulation of formate which, in turn, is related to the adequacy of the folate-dependent metabolism of formate to carbon dioxide. Thus, humans who possess low hepatic folates and low 10-CHO H4folate dehydrogenase activity metabolize formate poorly and are sensitive to methanol. Conversely, most(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim was to determine the influence of diastolic muscle length on force development and timing parameters of cardiac muscle twitch contraction and to determine whether a length dependency exists for the calcium loading capacity of the sarcoplasmic reticulum. METHODS Right ventricular papillary muscles and trabeculae were isolated from hearts(More)
Treatment wetlands are increasingly needed to remove nitrate from agricultural drainage water to protect downstream waters, such as the Gulf of Mexico. This project sought to develop a new edge-of-field treatment wetland, designed to remove nitrate-nitrogen and enhance phosphorus removal by plant harvest and to monitor its effectiveness. A 0.10 ha wetland(More)
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