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Two patients with long-standing idiopathic chronic constipation, which responded only to large daily doses of laxatives and additional suppositories and enemas, were treated with the specific opioid antagonist, naloxone, on a single-blind crossover basis. Both patients responded to naloxone treatment, with increased passage of faeces and increased wet and(More)
We have examined the ability of various steroids to compete for high-affinity binding of 3H-labeled ligands to catecholamine receptors in membranes prepared from rat cerebral cortex, striatum, and anterior pituitary. Ligands employed were: [3H]WB4101, [3H]prazosin, [3H]yohimbine, and [3H]clonidine (alpha-noradrenergic); [3H]dihydroalprenolol(More)
Premenopausal female smokers show significantly increased estrogen 2-hydroxylation, which may account in part for the anti-estrogenic effects of cigarette smoking. We have measured five major urinary estrogens, including estradiol (E2), estrone (E1), 16 alpha-hydroxyestrone (16 alpha OHE1), estriol (E3), and 2-hydroxyestrone (2OHE1), in premenopausal female(More)
The binding affinities for the catecholestrogen metabolites of estradiol and of their methyl ethers for the rat uterine cytosol estrogen receptors were examined. Similarly the binding of the fetal estradiol metabolite, 15alpha-hydroxyestriol (estertrol) was also measured. All of the catecholestrogens showed binding affinities far in excess of their(More)
Infiltrating ductal carcinoma of the breast occurred in a total of six men from two families. In one family specimens from three men who had prophylactic mastectomies revealed focal intraductal hyperplasia, suggesting a familial tendency toward proliferation of mammary-duct epithelium. In the other family, benign and malignant breast lesions also developed(More)
Sex steroids convey information on the status of the reproductive system, which the brain is able to integrate to promote ovulation, in the form of the LH surge. The present studies examined the influence of alterations in central opioidergic tone to initiate the LH surge, and the roles of oestradiol and progesterone to effect changes in opioidergic tone,(More)
We investigate the complexity of template-based ATR algorithms using SAR imagery as an example. Performance measures (such as P id) of such algorithms typically improve with increasing number of stored reference templates. This presumes, of course, that the training templates contain adequate statistical sampling of the range of observed or test templates.(More)
Daily (12-hour) urine collections taken throughout the menstrual cycle were obtained from 30 young women who by genetic analysis were at risk for familial breast cancer, and from 30 control women carefully matched for age, height, and reproductive history. Steroids in the urine were extracted by glucuronidase hydrolysis, and the primary glucocorticoid,(More)
The effects of estradiol, progesterone, and tamoxifen on the activity of estradiol 2- and 16 alpha-hydroxylases were studied in human breast cancer cell cultures using a radiometric assay. After 5 days' exposure to these compounds, incubations in the presence of either [2-3H]estradiol or [16 alpha-3H]estradiol as substrate were carried out. In MCF-7 cells,(More)