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We present a framework for massively parallel simulations of climate impact models in agriculture and forestry: the parallel System for Integrating Impact Models and Sectors (pSIMS). This framework comprises a) tools for ingesting large amounts of data from various sources and standardizing them to a versatile and compact data type; b) tools for translating(More)
Understanding the potential impacts of climate change and the likely effectiveness of adaptation strategies is of crucial importance to the sustainability of both agriculture and natural ecosystems. Improvements in data availability and simulation model fidelity promises to enable significant improvements in knowledge. However, progress is hindered by the(More)
We propose a parallel method to accelerate the performance of subset queries on raster images. The method, based on map-reduce paradigm, includes two principles from database management systems to improve the performance of subset queries. First, we employ column-oriented storage format for storing locationand weather variables. Second, we improve data(More)
  • Brian Mckinnell, Jason Mckerr, Ang Kea Tan, Chad Wegner Sec, Christopher Br, Joshua Elliott +17 others
  • 2004
Currently living and networking with exchange students in the West International dorms, he plans to live in Weatherford Hall when it opens. " I'm always having fun, " said Khemlani. His future plans include growing Roachwear and taking over the Kash Ross Company following his OSU graduation. TJ Robertson, currently finishing his masters in computer science,(More)
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