Joshua Eason

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BACKGROUND PTEN-induced kinase 1 (PINK1) is linked to recessive Parkinsonism (EOPD). Pink1 deletion results in impaired dopamine (DA) release and decreased mitochondrial respiration in the striatum of mice. To reveal additional mechanisms of Pink1-related dopaminergic dysfunction, we studied Ca²+ vulnerability of purified brain mitochondria, DA levels and(More)
Substitution of granulin from the Trichoplusia ni granulosis virus (TnGV) for polyhedrin of the Autographa californica multinucleocapsid nuclear polyhedrosis virus (AcMNPV) yielded a few very large (2 to 5 micron) cuboidal inclusions in the cytoplasm and nucleus of infected cells. These polyhedra lacked the beveled edges characteristic of wild-type AcMNPV(More)
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