Joshua E. Jensen

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Stress fracture presents a difficult problem in the high performance, world-class athlete. Competitive demands provide little tolerance for, or agreement with, prolonged periods of rest which are the first line of conservative treatment methods. The use of a specifically programmed, pulsed, low-intensity ultrasound device to shorten the time of healing was(More)
For many FPGA-based computing systems, a dedicated FPGA or interface chip is included to provide I/O functionality. As commercial FPGA sincrease in size, they are becoming large enough to include both theI/O interface and the reconfigurable logic. It is non-trivial, however, to provide a consistent, uninterrupted I/O interface on a single FPGA that supports(More)
Dose-response models are intensively used in herbicide bioassays. Despite recent advancements in the development of new herbicides, statistical analyses are commonly based on asymptotic approximations that are sometimes poor. This paper presents the use of recent results in higher order asymptotics for likelihood-based inference in nonlinear regression. The(More)
With the growing density and shrinking feature size of modern semiconductors, it is increasingly difficult to manufacture defect free semiconductors that maintain acceptable levels of reliability for long periods of time. These systems are increasingly susceptible to wear-out by failing to meet their operational specifications for an extended period of(More)
BENT (Breast Exposure: Nationwide Trends), a federal-state sponsored mammographic quality assurance program has demonstrated that unproductive radiation exposure can be reduced by identifying and correcting problems that result in poor image quality. BENT provides clinical personnel with knowledge on the performance of their mammographic system as a basis(More)
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