Joshua D. Wilson

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Theoretical and empirical evidence are combined to show that underwater acoustic sensing techniques may be valuable for measuring the wind speed and determining the destructive power of a hurricane. This is done by first developing a model for the acoustic intensity and mutual intensity in an ocean waveguide due to a hurricane and then determining the(More)
[1] Passive ocean acoustic measurements may provide a safe and inexpensive means of accurately quantifying the destructive power of a hurricane. This is demonstrated by correlating the underwater sound intensity of Hurricane Gert with meteorological data acquired by aircraft transects and satellite surveillance. The intensity of low frequency underwater(More)
Because the concept of program correctness is generally taught as an activity independent of the programming process, most introductory computer science (CS) students perceive it as unnecessary and even irrelevant. The concept of contracts, on the other hand, is generally taught as an integral part of the programming process. As such, most introductory CS(More)
In an attempt to better integrate discrete mathematics into the introductory CS curriculum, we implemented ProVIDE, an enhanced integrated development environment (IDE) for Java that enables students to analyze their computer programs (in terms of their correctness) while they are creating them [1]. The primary goal of the construction of ProVIDE is the(More)
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